Any dispute should first be brought to the attention of the servicing carrier.

  • Claim issues should be addressed to Kristy Bottomley, Alaska National Claims Senior VP. She can be reached at 206-812-0133.
  • Underwriting, premium and other issues not related to claims should be directed to April Chanes, Alaska National Senior Underwriter. She can be reached at 206-515-1857.

You may contact the Washington USL&H Assigned Risk Plan Executive Director, Brad Hatfield.

  • Brad can be reached at 360-588-6684 or by email using the "Contact Us" tab on this website. 

You may file a formal appeal with the Washington USL&H Assigned Risk Plan.

It is the intention of the Washington USL&H Assigned Risk Plan Governing Committee to provide a relatively quick and inexpensive process for the resolution of disputes.

Washington USL&H Assigned Risk Plan

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